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My name is Paula and I am the manager for The Lamplighters Pub in Shirehampton.

Every year in the UK 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital. For every minute that passes, a person's chance of survival goes down by 10%.

Sadly, only 1 in 10 survive.

An AED is an easy-to-use medical device that can deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to someone who is in cardiac arrest. It is an essential part in trying to save their life. CPR should be done until a defibrillator reaches the person.

Right now, only 40% of people receive early CPR and fewer than 2% have a defibrillator used prior to the ambulance arriving. The availability of AEDs and the knowledge of how to use them is inadequate.

Well...we want to do something about this, which is why we're raising money for a public access defibrillator through the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity and their Great Western Public Hearts project.

Because with CPR, early defibrillation, and the early arrival of the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, we can give our friends and family in Shirehampton the best chance on their worst day. If these essential things happen, the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest could be as high as 7 in 10!

We're asking for your help with raising funds to pay for this community asset; either donate to this page or click 'fundraise for us' at the top of this page and put on your own fundraising challenge/events! Bristol 10k's to bakesales, shaving your hair to walking 20 miles in aid of GWAAC and this community asset. Let's do this!

Paula and the Lamplighters Team

P.s. anything raised in excess of what's required for our defib will go towards the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity and help them to provide that next layer of care. GWAAC can intubate cardiac arrest patients, and then anesthetise them once resuscitated, breathe for them and then take them on to the best hospital for their needs.

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